Your own, personalised Souvenir (0 Euro) Banknotes

Get your own exclusive 0 Euro Banknote designed with an image of your business, tourist attraction, visitor site, or a motif of cultural and historical value for your country. Sell them to tourists, visitors and collectors, who are really enthusiastic about the new banknotes.

The Euro Souvenir, also known as 0 Euro Banknote, is a Euro banknote with a 0 as value and a personalized picture of popular landmarks, visitor attractions or touristic sites, and has only been available since 2015.

The Euro Souvenir is an excellent marketing medium and high-quality advertising material for your attraction. The impact on the visitors is really stunning, they truly love it. Target group are tourists, visitors and collectors. The souvenir note is popular with all age groups. An impulse purchase with added value! The Euro Souvenir is the top reference product for all tourist attractions and has become one of the most purchased souvenirs in the countries where it is available.


-100% cotton paper (i.e. real banknote paper) with custom filigrane and security stripe-
-Offset printing with numerous iridescent shades, micro lines, secure fiduciary backgrounds, transvision and UV visible colours-
-Soft Size Printing for a tactile effect-
-A holographic patch-
-Unique incremental numbering-


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