BNC Business Networking Consultant
304 S. Jones Blvd #589
Las Vegas, NV
If you’re needing someone to guide you in the proper protocol for business networking, look no further. Jill is your answer to networking with style and confidence. 8 yrs as a master networker she has experienced the fears & frustrations of the new networker, new to a location or a new business owner. As a confidence, networking strategist and coach/consultant, Jill does one on one coaching, has 2 networking groups and features business mixers with non profits 6 times a year.

Are you completely new to networking? Would you rather go dumpster-diving than walk into a room of strangers? Are you social, but never feel like you’re doing “it” right? Does a new career or life adventure find you new to Vegas wanting to: Expand Your Circle, Make new and sincere connections, walk into a new environment with confidence and ease, reinvent yourself and make the leap with laughter and joy?

❶ Boomer
❷ Career Changer
❸ Introvert
❹ New Kid in Town
❹ Adventurist

I take the fear out of walking into a room full of people you’ve never met. I bring calm, laughter, confidence and hope to novice networkers who want to: » craft and deliver a memorable 30 second commercial » give remarkable presentations » understand business card etiquette » master social media etiquette » avoid spamming » asking the right questions » focus on serving not on sales » rock their next networking event.

Monica Badiu Visibility Coach
I am a visibility coach who helps established entrepreneurs grow with powerful visibility & mindset strategies.

I coach clients who are afraid of being visible for their businesses, thus missing growth opportunities. I help them overcome mindset limitations, false perceptions and lack of marketing knowledge so they can show up powerfully, fully aligned to their core mission, and in return build stronger partnerships for their businesses, create more consistent and significant revenue, establish themselves as a brand authority in their field.

When a business owner is fully in tune with their strengths, mission and values they show up for their business with ease, which translates in a more aligned copy (or sales pitch), more powerful services, stronger partnerships and more growth.

I primarily work with established entrepreneurs, leaders or change makers who want to take things to the next level but they are struggling with impostor syndrome, lack of marketing knowledge and a fear of being visible. Here are a few examples:

– boosting visibility by showing up on TV, radio, podcasts etc

– showcasing your company (product, service) to get investors or to get a buyer

– rebranding yourself (maybe making a switch to high ticket customers)

– launching in new markets (customers segments, countries etc)

– starting a new content series (Lives on social media, vlogs, webinars, live trainings etc)

– preparing for speaking events (TedX, local community talks, branded offline events)

– daring to have sales conversations that actually convert at the price you want

Overcoming fear of visibility and building a visibility plan that would work for you is an endeavor that focuses on personal transformation and it is the kind of growth that does take time.

Contact me on my website to find out how we can work together.

Rethinking Business
Yew Tree House, Hanley Swan
Success starts with having the right mindset. Understand how your thinking works and start making better choices for a better life, better business and better results in everything you do…

From consulting with multi-million pound SME’s to helping newly formed Entrepreneurial ventures to find and keep their customers and with decades of experience in marketing and media, plus 5-star, best selling books on Mindset and Entrepreneurship and mental wellbeing, appearances on the BBC, at TEDx and in front of thousands, sharing the stage with the likes of Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, I have the experience to help you grow exponentially and fulfil your potential through understanding how your thinking actually works.

Rethinking Business